Laura Norris, Run Coach on Training During Quarantine and More

Ep 9: Laura Norris, Run Coach, On Training During Quarantine and More

Today we have our first guest, Laura Norris! Laura is a RRCA and Run-Fit running coach who works with athletes 1:1 and with group coaching.

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In this episode, we discussed:

  • Training during quarantine and still seeing gains, even though races are cancelled/postponed
  • How to stay injury free and the best running posture
  • Returning to running after having a baby
  • Why hiring a coach can help you reach new levels of training
  • Why virtual races are awesome and how some of her athletes set new PRs during their virtual races
  • Laura’s go-to fueling plan
  • How to safely increase mileage and get faster
  • The minimum amount of miles you need a week to run a marathon
  • And more!
Laura’s Bio:

Laura Norris is a certified running coach, long distance runner, wife, and mom living in Northwest Indiana. She has a passion for helping runners achieve their full potential while enjoying their running. She has coached hundreds of runners to PRs, BQs, and first races. In addition to coaching, she creates content for runners on her website. When not running, Laura enjoys hiking and long walks, craft beer, gardening, and reading.

Get in touch with Laura to follow along on her awesome blog and social media:

Laura’s blog
Laura’s running coaching services

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