Body Image for Athletes with Fiona Sutherland

Ep 11: Body Image for Athletes with Fiona Sutherland

In this episode, we talk with Fiona Sutherland, Registered Dietitian and Body Image Expert based out of Australia.

We discuss:

  • How both impactful and slow and non-impactful exercise can be beneficial for the body and the key to listening for both
  • What body image is and how it differs from body positivity, body neutrality and more
  • Why athletes may be more pressured to fit a sport specific body image with “athlete culture”
  •  How body image can differ inside and outside of sport
  • What we can do to change the systemic culture in sport
  • The warning signs of poor body image
  •  How mindfulness may help us sit with thoughts and discomfort and where you can start if this is new
  • A little bit about why and how supervision an be helpful for health practitioners
  • And more!
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