Marathon Taper Nutrition

white male runner and black female runner stretching

If you’re looking for tips for your half marathon taper, marathon taper nutrition, or beyond, you’ve come to the right place! Taper nutrition is important to understand to properly implement…

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The Best Foods for Carb Loading

plate of bagels

Carb loading for runners is very well known and established in the literature and can have a 2-3% improvement on performance! But what does that look like with diet? Let’s…

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Best Chews for Running

red chews for runners

Are you searching for the best chews for running? We’ve compiled our top recommendations from sports dietitians in this inclusive list.  If you’ve run any long distance event, you know…

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Best Foods for Ultra Running

ultra runner with backpack and mountains in distance

If you’re looking for ideas for real food for ultra running, this post will walk you through real food options and how to incorporate them, the logistics of storing them…

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Half Marathon Nutrition 101

These half marathon nutrition tips will help you adequately prepare for, race and recover from your half marathon.   Table of Contents One of the biggest factors that will determine…

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BCAAs vs Creatine for Runners

man putting powder supplement into drink

Should you be taking BCAAs, creatine or other supplements to improve your running? Here’s the difference between BCAAs vs. creatine and what you do and don’t need.  This post is…

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Is Pasta Good for Runners?

closeup of different types of pasta

Is Pasta good for runners? Should you be eating pasta before running? This post will give you the 101 on pasta for runners as well as share some easy pasta…

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Magnesium for Runners

purple bottle with white supplement pills

We know sodium for runners is important, but magnesium is another important mineral. This post will break down everything you need to know about magnesium for runners.  As an Amazon…

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Carb Loading for Runners

different breads and carbohydrate foods

Whether you’re looking for information on carb loading for marathon distances or a break down of how to carb load and what are the best carb loading foods, this post walks you through it.

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What To Eat Before a Long Run

Are you someone who struggles with knowing what to eat before a run? This post will walk you through the core fundamentals of sports nutrition so you feel confident knowing…

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How to Train Your Runners Gut

male and female talking and running on a trail

Runners gut, or experiencing unpleasant symptoms before, during or after running, is a common phenomenon in the running community. In fact, it is estimated that between 30 and 90% of…

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