Plant Based Athlete and Dietitian Kelly Jones on Becoming Plant Based and Intuitive Eating

EP 15 :Plant Based Athlete and Dietitian Kelly Jones on Becoming Plant Based and Intuitive Eating

Kelly Jones is a plant-based board certified sports dietitian who works primarily as a speaker, media spokesperson and nutrition communications consultant.

Kelly has worked with athletes at every level and consulted for organizations such as USA Swimming, the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Road Runners, while contributing regularly to local broadcast and national digital media. She co-runs an online course for active women, co-hosts the Imperfect Health Podcast, and was an associate professor for 9 years.

In this episode, Kelly shares her sports nutrition knowledge and insight in terms of plant based eating, and how an athlete could get started with adding more plant foods to the diet.

An underlying message here is that it doesn’t have to be black and white in terms of eating all plant-based or not plant-based at all. There is plenty of room in the in-between and Kelly gives some great tips on how to get started with plant-based eating:

In this episode, we discuss:
  • How athletes can ensure they’re getting enough protein with plant-based sources, especially surrounding a workout
  • Easy and actionable tips to incorporating more plant based meals and snacks
  • A breakdown of the documentaryThe Game Changers, and what may have been blown out of proportion
  • How she handles plant-based foods with her family and toddler
  • How to handle wanting to eat more plant-based when you don’t have a supportive environment or people around you
  • How she incorporates intuitive eating (“normal eating”) into her prior work as a professor and current work with athletes
  • How athletes can maintain muscle with less training (more is not always better)
Get to know Kelly:
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