Fueling for Trail Running and Ultra Marathon Distances with Kylee Van Horn

Ep 34: Fueling for Trail Running and Ultra Marathon Distances with Kylee Van Horn


Kylee Van Horn, RDN is an endurance sports dietitian, who takes a balanced, sustainable approach to fueling for performance.  A competitive trail runner herself, she is on a mission to change the message in the endurance community to separate facts from fads and change the message from skinnier is better to one that celebrates performance no matter the body size.  Today, Kylee is the founder and owner of her sports nutrition business Flynutrition, which helps runners, triathletes, and skiers to learn not only the ‘why’ but the ‘how’ behind fueling for performance.  Beyond her work in endurance sports nutrition, Kylee can be found running peaks near Aspen, CO with her two australian shepherds and ultra endurance husband, Sean.

In this episode, we cover:
·         What she wishes more runners new about trail nutrition

·         How she encourages runners to stay healthy and injury free while running on trails
·         Why eating enough is so difficult for many runners
·         Kylee’s running background and how it contributes to her nutrition outlook
·         What makes trail running different from road running
·         How to fuel for ultra endurance events with sensitive stomachs
·         How to plan for aid stations in ultra endurance events

·         Tips for running in cold winter weather and preventing gel/water freezing

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