Courtney Carter – Philosophies on Training and Diversity in the Sport of Running

Ep 28: Courtney Carter – Philosophies on Training and Diversity in the Sport of Running


In this episode we talk with Courtney Carter.

Courtney Carter is a lawyer by trade but hasn’t practiced law since 2010. After leaving the active practice of law, she led a legal diversity pipeline program and then ran diversity initiatives for a small company. That led her to her current role leading diversity at a large law firm. She is responsible for everything from ensuring that her firm’s practices are inclusive to designing a firm-wide strategy.

Courtney ran track in high school but didn’t start running long distances until she was in law school.  She ran her first half marathon in 2007 and then ran her first full marathon in 2013. She got bit by the marathon bug and ten marathons later, she’s hopeful about races coming back in full force in 2021.

Courtney has been a member of the Oiselle Volee Team since 2013 and leads the Women of Color group. Recently she started serving as  DEI Advisor for Oiselle. She loves combining her professional work with her passion for running.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Her running history and how she got back into running while in law school
  • What it’s like running in the DC area, especially in this current climate
  • Why the DC Cherry Blossom 10 mile run is a race everyone should run
  • How she determines her next race and training and how she stays motivated
  • How her fueling strategy has changed over time and the difference in how she practices vs. how she races
  • What she eats before a run
  • How she utilizes the Hanson method of training
  • How cumulative fatigue has helped her distance running
  • How she stays injury free during training cycles and which specific cross training has helped her training
  • Her method for setting training goals
  • How social media integrates with her philosophies and training and the pros and cons of that
  • Her experience as a black runner in DC and at races
  • The importance of staying true to yourself
  • What we can do to make the sport of running more inclusive
Things Courtney Mentions:

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