11 Sports Nutrition Myths Debunked

Ep 5: The Top 11 Sports Nutrition Myths

Sarah and Marita answer a listener question about gluten and whether everyone should avoid it to feel better and achieve better health. They also discuss how diet culture has demonized gluten and how it can fit into a healthy lifestyle.

This episode breaks down the top 11 sports nutrition myths, including:

1. Cutting out carbs will help me PR
2. Added sugar is “bad”
3. I’ll get an extra boost from supplements and vitamins
4. Too much protein will make me bulky
5. Coconut Water is the best electrolyte drink
6. Sports Drinks are the only way to get electrolytes
7. There is one diet or way of eating to boost your performance
8. Everyone needs to drink 8 cups of water per day
9. Lots of Protein will Improve Recovery
10. Consuming too many calories while training will cause weight gain
11. Following a vegan or vegetarian diet will not help performance

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