11 Fueling Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make

Ep 20: 11 Fueling Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make


Today we’re breaking down 11 common mistakes endurance athletes make regarding fueling and training and how to not make them again!

We see these all the time with our clients (and maybe have made a few ourselves!)

We’ve touched on a lot of these myths over the last 19 episodes, but wanted to put all of the common fueling mistakes we see often in one place for you.

During this episode, we discuss these mistakes and more:
  • MISTAKE #1: Skipping fueling workouts that are over an hour
  • MISTAKE #2: Not getting the recommended 30-90g/carbs/hour
  • MISTAKE #3: Not eating before and after a workout
  • MISTAKE #4: Eating a fiber, fat, or protein heavy meal before a workout
  • MISTAKE #5: Not drinking fluid before, during, and after a workout
  • MISTAKE #6: Only focusing on protein for recovery post-workout
  • MISTAKE #7: Skipping electrolytes during workouts
  • MISTAKE #8: Not eating enough carbs
  • MISTAKE #9: Waiting hours to eat after a workout
  • MISTAKE #10:  Not practicing your fueling before race day/ Trying something new on race day
  • MISTAKE #11: Overdoing it the night or day before a big run/race
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